Mahalia on the true meaning of a love hangover

We’re back with season 7 of growing up with gal-dem, our amazing hosts natty Kasambala and  Niellah Arboine! 

This week, we’re kicking off with the amazing and one of a kind Mahalia who talks to us about her new song Whatever Simon Says and her inspiration growing up as a minority in her hometown environment - growing up with the pressure of being signed so young

and how she’s found self love through that. 

Mahalia, Natty and Nie discuss the writing process for Mahalia’s hit Sober and the complex emotions and feelings of bringing this beautiful song to life. They also discuss how the music industry has developed, changed and evolved for music artists in 2022. Taking us through her music process, Mahalia discusses how her unique perspective from being up north allows her to carve her own journey in the London scene.

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