Episode 55: Frequency Medicine with Melinda Kinzie

In this episode, Dr. Leah and Taraleigh talk with sound healer and former recording artist Melinda Kinzie about the power of sound for healing and transformation. Melinda shares her journey from recording artist living the rockstar life in New York City to transformative sound healer vibing out in nature in Vermont. Melinda discusses two powerful laws of the Universe, entrainment and resonance, and helps build a bridge between what could be happening at the concerts we love and the sound healing she does with individuals and groups. For the “Did you Know” Dr. Leah shares how entrainment relates to the concept of self-other merging discussed in previous episodes and other ways entrainment can be seen throughout history. Taraleigh encourages listeners to employ the principles of entrainment and resonance to help raise your vibe so you can raise the vibe wherever you are for the “Daily Jam.” 

Melinda Kinzie has been a student of energy medicine and spirituality her whole life. She grew up in the mountains of Vermont and later lived in NYC for 20 years working as a recording and performance artist. With over 30 years of training in transformational work, she has most recently completed a rigorous 3 year study of Sound Healing & Shamanism with Zacciah Blackburn at the Center of Light, 2 years of Aura Soma Color Therapy training & is currently training with Anaiya Sophia in the Sacred Temple Arts of the Holy Sophia.

She is delighted to be working as a Sound Healer, Frequency Channel & Energy Medicine Practitioner in pure service to all of creation and facilitates workshops, classes, group & private sound healing sessions, children's programs & all manner of sacred business. Find out more about Melinda’s offerings at https://www.melindakinzie.com.

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