Episode 54: Vibe Tending with Karen the Dancing Lady

In this episode, Dr. Leah and Taraleigh chat with Vibe Tender Karen the Dancing Lady who is on a mission to spring love and light wherever she goes. She especially loves to do this through dancing to live music. Karen just recently, in the last 6 years or so, rediscovered her love for live music and now uses it to fuel her vibes so she can raise the vibe wherever she is. Karen also shares her holistic morning practice that aligns her with love and light each day. The three explore Karen’s journey of using live music as a practice solely for her own health and wellbeing to now inspiring others with her energy. Also discussed is how through societal norms, we can remain stuck in our perceived “box” and how freeing breaking out of that can be! For the “Did you Know” Dr. Leah shares exciting new research on the transformative power of festivals. Taraleigh gives listeners a tip for allowing yourself to “dance outside of the box” for the “Daily Jam.” 

Karen the Dancing Lady is a flowing, grooving energetic embodiment of love and light. She lights the day wherever she is - as a Lyft driver, ski lift operator, Vibe Tender for events or doing what she loves most - dancing to live music. She’s a dynamic public speaker with the ability to meet and see individuals where they are at and guide them to greater joy. When she’s not in service to others or dancing she loves to cook, host gatherings, and experience nature. 


Follow Karen on Instagram @karenthedancinglady for inspiration, love, and light. And check out her TedxTalk on How to Connect with Anyone at https://youtu.be/BYtb-pJhAuk.

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