Episode 49: Money Grooves with Berkeley Ramsbottom

In this episode, Dr. Leah and Taraleigh talk with financial coach Berkeley Ramsbottom about how to be financially responsible while seeing as much live music as possible. Berkeley shares how her approach differs from other financial experts, who are going to tell you to forgo concerts because they’re frivolous. As if! She lets listeners in on the tool that can change everything and guides you through an exercise to learn more about your spending patterns, or as she calls them, money grooves. Listeners will learn small steps to move forward in becoming financially savvy and a mindset shift that will change the way you relate to money. For the “Daily Jam” Taraleigh encourages listeners to take on Berkeley’s money mindset to improve their financial health. Dr. Leah follows that up with information on why changing your mindset can improve other areas of your life for the “Did you Know.”

Berkeley is the founder of Money Grooves, a financial literacy & coaching business. During her $20,000 debt payoff journey, Berkeley saw how learning about money transformed her life, but also how the personal finance space was fraught with judgment, misinformation, and overwhelm. She has dedicated her life to teaching others in our community how to crush debt, build wealth, and feel confident about money in a way that's relatable and fun. Her mission is to prove that you can build massive wealth while still hitting all the shows. Follow her on Instagram @moneygrooves. 

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