Episode 39: The History of ALO with Steve Adams and his mom Cyndy Thomas

Taraleigh and Dr. Leah had the pleasure of chatting with ALO bassist Steve Adams and his mom Cyndy Thomas about all things ALO. The quintet dive into ALO’s Tour D’Amour XV, the first inception of the band and their first gig playing intermission of a Middle School play they joined just for the intermission gig. We talk about how they have evolved as a band since Middle School and early influences like James Brown. ALO fans get treated to inside stories from Steve and Cyndy and will leave with an even deeper appreciation for the band and their manager Jenna Lebowitz. For the “Did you Know,” Dr. Leah shares what is happening when we experience love and how it relates to live music. Taraleigh gives listeners tips on how to deepen the love right now in the “Daily Jam.”

Bassist Steve Adams ties together many worlds, finding a meeting ground for feel-good jams, sparkling pop/rock, dust-kicking country/bluegrass, all with a deep admiration for the vintage grooves of Motown, Stax and the Wrecking Crew. As the bassist for ALO and Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers, Adams is a national touring veteran and festival regular. When songwriting from home, Adams fires up the drums, keys, and his trusty ukulele, which one can often find him roaming with at festivals seeking out new music/buddies.

In Spring of 2017, Adams jumped into the debut line-up of Bay Area jazz/rock trio, Magic In The Other, and has been exploring newer spaces still in sound and vision. Both off and on tour, Adams can often be found digging through the bins at local record stores, drawing inspiration from the great vinyl past to filter into his creative endeavors. Which now includes his own record store, Mars Record Shop, in Oakland, CA.


Cyndy Thomas is a Clinical Social Worker in the Bay Area in addition to being Steve’s mom and greatest champion. She brings depth to the conversation knowing the founding ALO band members since they started playing together in Middle School.

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