It's OK That You're Not OK with Megan Devine

On this week’s podcast Sasha (Venetia will be back next week)  got the opportunity to speak to the psychotherapist, writer, and grief advocate Megan Devine.

Megan’s career as a therapist was mainly based around working with people with substance addiction. It wasn’t until a summer day in 2009 that grief would become a firm fixture in her life, as her partner Matt drowned in a devastating accident, just three months from his fortieth birthday. In Megan’s own words “It was random, unexpected, and it tore my world apart.”

In the years since Matt’s death Megan has gone on to found Refuge in Grief, a grief support resource and online community which serves both grieving people and those looking to better support grieving people free online resources, and professional training. Megan is perhaps best known for her 2017 book It's OK That You're Not OK, which is widely seen as one of the staples of Grief Literature.

Since beginning the podcast, and the initial planning phases back in October, Sasha had flagged Megan as the one guest that she wanted to speak to above anyone else, because of the impact Megan’s book had on her while grieving for her mom. Megan was so honest, thoughtful and at times absolutely hilarious with her words throughout this interview, and we really think everyone will enjoy this episode a lot.

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