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Host Lisa Keefauver sat down for a very intimate and revealing conversation with Mindy Corporon, a grieving mother and daughter. In 2014, her very personal tragedy made headline news around the world. Her son and father were shot and killed at a Jewish Community Center outside of Kansas City by a white supremacist gunman, intent on killing Jews. In the intervening years, Mindy has worked tirelessly to heal her shattered soul, also the title of her beautiful book, and in today’s episode she shares what she’s learned about grief and healing and courageous kindness along the way.


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03:40 - Mindy’s first experience with grief - “My parents allowed me to say goodbye. They allowed me to understand that it was a reality and I'm sure if I was sad, they allowed me an opportunity to be sad.”

10:28 - Mindy’s story of losing her son and father in 2014 - “I'll start on April 12th, because on April 12th, we were a family of four.”

20:18 - Justice, compassion and forgiveness: Dealing with violent murder - “My reality is that they were murdered and have had to process that. And I look for things that bring me joy and I look purposely for kindness.”

32:50 - Shock and how our bodies begin to understand death - “I wanted them to walk through the door. I wanted them to appear in the house. I just kept thinking, I'm in a nightmare. This didn't happen.”

39:26 - Grief support and the surprising ways people show up - “They breathe life and joy and talking and smiles into our home. They helped me eat again. They helped my husband eat again. They helped get Lucas what he needed.”

48:59 - Post-traumatic growth and embodying love - “Each of us needs to feel comfortable in finding whatever our path is to helping ourselves heal.”

57:33 - A story of Popeye and Reat and the importance of courageous kindness - “We received hundreds of cards from students and student parents telling us what an amazing friend he was. And that is always with my heart, that he was an amazing friend and his friends still remember him.”  


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Healing A Shattered Soul by Mindy Corporon


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