(BONUS Ep: 003) Daniel Willcocks: Ask Me Anything

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Daniel Willcocks is an international bestselling author and award-winning podcaster of dark fiction. He is an author coach and founder of Activated Authors; one quarter of digital story studio, Hawk & Cleaver; co-founder of iTunes-busting fiction podcast, ‘The Other Stories’,CEO of horror imprint, Devil’s Rock Publishing, and the host of the ‘Activated Authors' podcast.

Dan is furiously passionate about all things story. He has written 60+ books in five years for himself and on behalf of ghostwriting clients. Dan works with authors to keep their creative flames burning in an activated, and healthy way.

In this episode Dan answers your questions:

-What is a good per hour rate for ghostwriting?

-How long did it take you to develop your confidence as a writer ?

-How do you find the right pressure point to motivate you?

-You have so many irons in the fire, how do you keep them all straight?

-How do you interact with an author's work when they have done/did something reprehensible?

-How are you having FUN/gathering energy & inspiration?

-What was your favourite thing about writing when you first got into it and has this changed with where you are now? If it has changed, in what way?

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