Emme Grange ON: Finding The FUN Of Being Only Yourself

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Emme Grange lives on stories of hope, on tales that tell us we can. She believes we don’t have to change to be good enough. We already are, just by being ourselves.

Growing up near the Golden Gate Bridge, she spent years searching for the missing manual, "How to Be Normal." Emme knows what it's like to be a reluctant rebel, a modern misfit, a peculiar person. She writes for anybody who needs a story of acceptance and everyone needing a story of encouragement and is a Royal Dragonfly Awards Grand Prize-Winner with the first book in her Jett Harper Series, “Needing Normal.”

In this episode we go deep into:

  • Emme’s writing Journey [01:41]

  • The first draft that started it [04:28]

  • Autism & Authenticity [06:19]

  • Jet Harper’s Origin [08:36]

  • Researching High School [10:29]

  • The brand of Jet [12:29]

  • Genre switching [16:02]

  • ‘Selling out’ [20:23]

  • The feeling of critical success [24:00]

  • How Emme approaches learning [27:56]

  • Commitment, work & balance [29:33]

  • Emme’s definition of work [33:16]

  • What keeps her going on low energy days [34:37]

  • Author Conferences [36:48]

  • Reaching out [39:45]

  • Being yourself [42:36]

  • Advice to herself [44:43]

  • Why Emme Writes [46:58]

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IG: @emmegrange

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