Dan Howarth ON: Finding DISCIPLINE And The Circle Of Community

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Dan Howarth is a Mancunian-born horror writer now living in Merseyside. He is the author of Dark Missives and his latest release “Territory” and his writing has appeared in numerous publications both online and imprint. Most notably, a number of Dan’s stories have appeared on The Other Stories podcast, where they have been downloaded over 100,000 times.

Dan is also the co-editor of three themed anthologies alongside James Everington—one of which “Imposter Syndrome” was short-listed for a British Fantasy Award.

In this episode we go deep into:

  • Dan’s Journey [30:54]

  • What Discipline Looks Like [35:45]

  • Why do the work? [40:38]

  • Finding your Tribe [45:41]

  • The Early days [50:03]

  • Why Horror? [55:26]

  • How to approach networking [01:00:27]

  • Reaching out and making connections [01:04:52]

  • How do you keep moving forward? [01:09:13]

  • Why Dan writes [01:17:51]

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