Kathy Murray ON: RECALCULATING & Taking The Leap

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Kathy Murray is a certified personal trainer with over thirty years’ experience in the fitness industry. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University where she was a member of the 1983 National Cheerleading Championship Team.

After college she competed in and won the United States Aerobic Championship in 1986 and spent the year traveling the world as a Fitness Ambassador and worked as a free-lance educator to teach fitness to European Instructors.

While in Munich, Kathy coached the Munich Cowboys (American Football) Cheerleaders to six national titles in cheerleading and was head trainer/translator for the German Gladiators during a pilot TV show for the International Gladiators.

Always an avid cyclist, Kathy dipped her toe into the world of multi-sport in 2000, first competing in duathlons then eventually moving to triathlons. Kathy has owned her personal training business Fit Bodies for 24 years and in 2022 co-authored the Audible book, The Munich Cowboys Cheerleaders based on her time coaching the squad.

She lives in Atlanta with her husband Lutalo, dog Mingus and cat Sassy.

In this episode we go deep into:

  • The journey of the book [25:15]

  • The difference between European and American cheerleading [29:48]

  • The challenges of the early days [31:50]

  • Bringing the squad into shape [35:09]

  • Rising above dsicrimination [40:20]

  • How a PT mindset helped her write [43:55]

  • Kathy’s writing process [46:46]

  • Mixing fact and fiction [49:14]

  • Leaving the 9-5 world [52:47]

  • What’s next [58:20]

  • Improving a writers health [01:04:16]

  • Why Kathy writes [01:05:04]

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