Philip Duncan ON: BUILDING Your Way From Rock Bottom

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Philip Duncan is an award-winning and best-selling self-published author. His debut novel, Blood Ties, won the gold medal for military thrillers at the 2022 Global Book Awards for Self-Publishing. Philip was born and raised in East Tennessee, where he still lives. Since the age of sixteen, he has had many jobs including landscaping,

farmhand, deli clerk, and personal trainer, but writing has always been his genuine passion.
He currently writes fast-paced thrillers where he aims to keep his readers on the edge of their seats, not knowing what’s coming next. He is very much a pantser with his books, and enjoys letting the characters he creates dictate where the story goes.
When Philip’s not writing his next book, you can find him coaching other authors, working out, and spending time with his beautiful wife and two kids.

In this episode we go deep into:

- Philips writing journey [04:07]

- Finding purpose [06:20]

- Momentum & Routine [07:40]

- Mark Dawson [08:49]

- Building the habit [11:20]

- Hard word days [13:39]

- Exercise [13:50]

- Staying on track [17:16]

- Blood Ties: reality V expectations [19:15]

- Awards [21:27]

- Going full time & the life of a full time author [24:16]

- Rock bottom [27:04]

- Words of advice {31:45]

- Virtual summits [33:56]

- Impostor syndrome [45:53]

- Why Philip writes [48:05]

- Bets author experience [49:36]


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