Renee Gallant ON: RETURNING to Writing and Putting Yourself First

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Renee Gallant spent the biggest part of her childhood growing up in north Texas, hiding behind bushes or sitting in trees immersed in stories of mystery and adventure and scratching out her own Trixie Belden fan fiction. But it was only after reaching middle age, having an empty nest, and being bitten by a creepy little eight-legged foe that she thought to pick up pen and paper once more and lose herself in a fictional world where anything was possible. Unfortunately, no, she did not turn into Spiderman. Nor even The Tick, but instead became an advocate for auto-immune sufferers, a grandmother, and finally a published author. After a twenty-year hiatus where she was all things to all people, Renee Gallant switched her focus back to herself and her first love, words.

In this episode we go deep into:


Renee’s writing journey [03:39]

Lessons learnt from early writing [09:20]

Motherhood and creativity [10:50]

The importance of finishing things [14:57]

Owning her own business [17:14]

Digging out of the pit [23:10]

The benefits of being in a writers community [26:22]

The work of an indie [29:42]

Lessons from the first three books [35:16]

Coming out of burnout [38:09]

Breaking free of guilt [40:17]

Living with Lyme disease [42:53]

Why Renee writes [52:31]


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