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Luke Kondor started writing on his computer in his early teens and never looked back… and now he has very sore eyes. He also runs and produces a short story podcast called The Other Stories, which has amassed over 9-million downloads and has a monthly listenership of ~200k downloads. Currently he works from a dining room table in the middle of Sherwood Forest and lives with his fiancée, Cat, their pet cat, Oscar, and their larger, angrier cat, Alaska, who is actually a dog.


In this episode we go deep into:

  • The science of baths [24:50]

  • How writing is going [28:26]

  • The journey of creative confidence [30:06]

  • Doubt [32:53]

  • Dealing with ‘Sexy New Project’ temptation [41:07]

  • Getting the RIGHT things done [43:23]

  • Deadlines [50:45]

  • [52:24]

  • Why Kickstarter? [55:13]

  • The secret to Kickstarter [01:01:47]

  • ‘My Dog Shits Cash’ [01:06:21]

  • The Other Stories [01:07:53]

  • Why Luke writes [01:23:05]

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