#042: Garrett Robinson – Serializing fantasy, making it through the hard times, and changing the world with fiction.

Garrett Robinson is the author of #1 bestselling Amazon fantasy series, “The Nightblade Epic”, a heroic fantasy saga with tens of thousands of avid readers. The epic is set in the land of Underrealm, alongside a second bestselling series, “The Academy Journals.” His imprint, Legacy Books, has published over 2 dozen fantasy titles, showcasing fresh writing talent in the genre. Garrett is also a filmmaker, and successful YouTube talent, with brand new vlogs hitting his channel every Friday.

In this episode we go deep into:

  • Garrett’s advice for anyone who hasn’t watched Hamilton yet

  • Garrett’s experience working in filmmaking, screenwriting, and directing, and how that segued into his writing career

  • The origins of his hit series “Underrealm"

  • Letting your story grow in your mind until you’re professionally ready to write it

  • Allowing yourself time to develop as an artist

  • The experience of writing and releasing serial fiction, and how that has changed over the years

  • How to come out of bouts of non-writing

  • Leveraging Patreon to create a sustainable career

  • Talking yourself through the tough stuff and coming out on the other side

  • Controlling your use of social media to avoid distraction and procrastination

  • The realities of living as a full-time creative

  • How global disruption affects your personal state

  • Putting yourself first before you reach out and start helping others

  • Generating real social change with your fiction

  • How to approach serialization as a writer

  • Keeping an eye on the long-term when creating your marketing strategies

Garrett answers questions from Patrons:

  • Yanni Jade: "You're currently releasing your novel in episodes like with the previous books, what are the pros and cons to publishing this way?"

  • H.B. Lyne: Do you have any tips for balancing writing with YouTubing. How does he fit it all in?

  • Jenn Mitchell: Do you approach the story telling process the same way when writing and making a film? Are there differences between the two for you?

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Links from the show:

Garrett’s Episode on “The Story Studio” https://open.spotify.com/episode/67ODq5qyQCZaS7jeUb3DvX?si=hrmrE3FKTUKy_Ej1SR2ciA

A Cloak of Red, Brenna Gawain: https://www.amazon.com/Cloak-Red-Underrealm-Tenth-Kingdom-ebook/dp/B083RLS7DK/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=a+cloak+of+red&qid=1593612588&sr=8-1

Garrett’s Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/garrettbrobinson

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