Political Advertising

Did you know there is no regulation of political advertising in the UK? 

Unlike companies political parties and campaign groups don’t have to clear factual claims before they share them with consumers. 

No doubt by now you’re thinking of the infamous Brexit bus but that’s just one example of economy with the truth in what Benedict Pringle describes as ‘the grubby world of political advertising’.

In this week’s episode Pringle draws on the elections of 2017 to explain how recent electoral success has come to those politicians with a simple strategy.

As for 2018 he’s asking whether artificial intelligence could play a role in helping campaigns personalise messages to persuade voters to carry out a range of actions from refusing to take part on polling day to persuading friends and family to get behind their candidate.

With local elections in the UK as well as a referendum in Ireland we can anticipate a rise in partisan campaign groups that promote the messages candidates might not want to associate themselves with. 

On a lighter note we also ponder when we might see the first use of holograms by a national politician - something already seen in India and elsewhere....


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