Anything For Selena | Maria Garcia

Have you ever been so deeply affected by another person that their story literally gives your life context and meaning and even a sense of belonging? Now, what it that other person was someone you never actually met? And what if they’d been gone from the planet for 25 years, but still it was like they were present in your life, guiding and inspiring you every day?

That, it turns out, is the power of authenticity, agency, and legacy. And, in today’s conversation with award-winning journalist, writer, and producer, Maria Garcia, we dive deep into these topics in a very cool and unusual way. Through the lens of the life of iconic performer, Selena Quintanilla, and the impact she had not just on Maria’s life, but on tens of millions around the world, even decades after her tragic passing at a young age. And, not because Maria or, for that matter, any of those millions, knew Selena, personally, but because what she embodied profoundly affected and informed the way Maria, and those millions, saw themselves, their sense of wholeness, heritage, community, and the call to celebrate uniqueness, and embrace life through a lens of possibility and joy. In the end, it’s really a story about belonging, which we all need more of.

Maria became the driving creative force and on-air host of the stunning podcast series, Anything for Selena, which was named Apple Podcast's Show of the Year of 2021, and produced with Futuro Studios and NPR member station WBUR.


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