How to Finish What Matters & Get More Free Time | Spotlight Convo

How many times have you said yes to something, started it, gotten halfway through, then either been distracted, run out of time, energy, money, ideas, motivation, or all the above? And, just kind of walk away, leaving something that could’ve been amazing unfinished? Never getting the chance to back in the I DID THAT glow of accomplishment and tell everyone around you, “hey, I DID that!” And, yes, I’m raising my hand here.

And, what about being able to do what’s important without it also taking over your life, and leaving you living reactively? Wouldn’t it be cool if there were ways, strategies, tools, processes and technology that could dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to get things done, so you could have so much more free time to do all the other stuff you love to do? Including absolutely nothing at all? 

These are the questions we’re diving into in today’s special spotlight conversation featuring conversations with Start Finishing author, Charlie Gilkey, and Free Time author, Jenny Blake. How do I not only choose and start but also finish what really matters? And, while you’re at it, how can I reimagine the way I work to create a ton more free time to do anything that lights me up? 

You can find Charlie Gilkey at: Website | Instagram | Listen to Our Full-Length Convo with Charlie

You can find Jenny Blake at: Website | Free Time Podcast | Listen to Our Full-Length Convo with Jenny

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