How I Took a Month Off to Write & Make Art (then what REALLY happened)

So today is a little bit of a different episode for you. As I sit here recording this, I have just returned from a month-long creative sabbatical. I never believed something like this could be possible for someone like me until something happened earlier in this year that inspired me to really test that assumption and eventually prove me wildly wrong. I'm coming back with some experiences, some awakenings, some reality checks, and learnings that I wanted to share with you today.

Today we're going to dive into just what happened, what I learned, and how you might consider creating your own version of an extended, deeply generative, regenerating, renewing and awakening leave. So excited to share these experiences and insights with you.

If you LOVED this episode: you’ll also love the conversations we had with Jenny Blake where the possibility of a creative sabbatical for me was planted and the conversation with DJ DiDonna about the research around how to take a life-changing break.

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