#92 Ben and Nath - Speak and Share Charity Co Founders

Ben and Nath are absolute legends and I am so inspired by the work they do.

After Ben lost a good friend to suicide and Nath's parents went through a divorce they both struggled with their mental health for months. But once they began to share their problems with each other they discovered the power of speaking and sharing our problems.

They left their jobs as school teachers and created a charity called "Speak and Share" encouraging their community to open up and talk about their problems.

With a focus on community workshops, events, and merchandise the young lads have already had a gigantic impact and I can't wait to watch what the future holds for their charity.

A few key topics in this chat

  • Growing up in the Mornington Peninsula
  • High school and footy.
  • A trip to the NT
  • Challenging times and how they overcame them
  • Starting Speak and Share
  • Process of starting a charity
  • What their programs entail
  • Future plans

I loved this chat and so will you!

Speak and Share's Links

WEBSITE - www.speakandshare.com/

INSTAGRAM - www.instagram.com/speak__share/

FACEBOOK - www.facebook.com/Speak-Share-108058298175896

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