#84 Julian Petroulas - Entrepreneur, Investor

Julian Petroulas is a bloody legend and has a very unique mind.

At just 31 years old Julian has worked his way up from a difficult upbringing to being one of the wealthiest young people in Australia. He has a marketing mind that I haven't come across before and can see opportunities and think outside the square differently to most people.

He started an under-18 music festival when he was 15 and was a millionaire by 18, but lost it all. He then moved to New York and created a tech service that also blew up and made him a millionaire for a second time before he turned 24.

From here Julian traveled the world as a music manager for William Singe and learned the art of investing. He is now back in Australia to reset and refind his purpose.

A few key topics in this chat

  • Growing up in a hard family life in Sydney.
  • Blowing up on MySpace
  • Creating an under-18 music festival and becoming a millionaire before 18
  • Gambling and losing it all and moving to New York to reset.
  • Creating a tech company and making millions again but learning how to invest it.
  • A newfound appreciation for money and investing
  • Traveling as a music manager for William Singe
  • Traveling throughout Covid.
  • Finding purpose
  • How to start investing

I loved this chat and so will you!

Julian's Links

INSTAGRAM - instagram.com/julianpetroulas

YOUTUBE - https://www.youtube.com/@julianjune

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