28 & Sober - Week 3 - Most people are supportive!

I decided after speaking to Neuroscientist Nicole Vignola on Good Humans guest episode #44 about the effects alcohol has on the brain that I would take a year off drinking.

This podcast is here to bring you on the journey and also keep me accountable. Hopefully, I can inspire you to reflect on the impact alcohol has on your life whether it be positive or negative, and make some healthy changes.

Each week I will share my experience and what changes I have noticed in my life. The 4 main realms I will talk about will be-

  • Social challenges
  • Physical changes
  • Mental changes
  • Financially savings

Over the coming 12 months, I have some huge goals with my mental health organisation https://www.thegoodhumanfactory.com/ and upon reflection, I realised alcohol was something that was slowing me down. I have drunk alcohol most weekends for the last 10 years so it's time for a year off.

Week 3 update!

I feel like I am starting to settle into the challenge a bit. It's cool how many people are really supportive when they offer a drink and I say no. It was a little strange not celebrating my birthday without alcohol this week but was also super refreshing spending time with family for the weekend and not having a hangover.

Follow along the journey!

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