28 & Sober - Week 2 - Good Friends Makes It Easier!

I decided after speaking to Neuroscientist Nicole Vignola on Good Humans guest episode #44 about the effects alcohol has on the brain that I would take a year off drinking.

This podcast is here to bring you on the journey and also keep me accountable. Hopefully, I can inspire you to reflect on the impact alcohol has on your life whether it be positive or negative, and make some healthy changes.

Each week I will share my experience and what changes I have noticed in my life. The 4 main realms I will talk about will be-

  • Social challenges
  • Physical changes
  • Mental changes
  • Financially savings

Over the coming 12 months, I have some huge goals with my mental health organisation https://www.thegoodhumanfactory.com/ and upon reflection, I realised alcohol was something that was slowing me down. I have drunk alcohol most weekends for the last 10 years so it's time for a year off.

Week 2 update!

This week made me realise how many people have got amazing stories of sobriety changing their life. It has been cool seeing how many others are inspired by my journey. One thing I have noticed is how important it is to have people around you who are supportive of your journey with things like this. I saved over $100 on alcohol this week and had 2 encounters where alcohol was involved.

Follow along the journey!

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