#144 Brent Vitiello - Mos X Daily Founder, Mafs Star

Brent Vitiello has such an interesting story!

He grew up in Sydney's Western Suburbs with a loving family. However, due to undiagnosed ADHD, he had troubles in his school years and beyond with focus and anger issues. He still thrived in life though.

After school, Brent worked as a promoter and helped grow different nightclubs in Kings Cross and the hospitality industry. From here he used this skill set and moved to Dubai where he lived for 7 years starting a business and having an exciting future ahead. Then covid hit and he lost everything and had to return to Australia.

He then found his feet again and was approached to go on Married at First Sight, Australia's most popular TV show. He was the star of his season and grew a large social following from it.

From here he created an incredible superfood brand, Mos X Daily. He is now helping share the power of sea moss with the world and the benefits it brings!

A few key topics in this chat

  • Growing up in the Western Suburbs
  • Undiagnosed ADHD
  • Working in nightclubs
  • Dubai life
  • Rock Bottom
  • MAFS
  • Mos X Daily

I loved this chat and so will you!

Brent's Links

INSTAGRAM - www.instagram.com/brentleon_/

MOS X DAILY - https://mosxdaily.com/

ONE DOLLAR ONE DREAM - www.1dollaronedream.org/

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