#140 Chris Griffin - Content Creator

Chris Griffin is a super inspiring human and a great friend of mine.

He grew up in Airlie Beach and had a nice upbringing in a small community. Once he moved to the Gold Coast at 12 years old life changed a lot. High school was at times a struggle especially in year 12 once his mind was opened to a new way of thinking about business from a friend Sam.

He moved to Sydney in 2020 and started his journey as an entrepreneur learning about and growing his businesses. Along this path, he found his love for creating content and sharing his lessons and knowledge with the world.

in 2023 his social media blew up. Reaching over 120 Million eyeballs and amassing over 600,000 followers Chris's impact is immeasurable!

A few key topics in this chat

  • Growing up in Airlie Beach
  • Moving to the Gold Coast
  • Discovering a new way to look at business
  • Moving to Sydney and starting a business
  • Fizz
  • Content creation

I loved this chat and so will you!

Chris's Links

INSTAGRAM - www.instagram.com/morechrisgriffin/?hl=en

TIK TOK - www.tiktok.com/@morechrisgriffin

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