#122 Lola Richie - Holistic Sexuality Coach

Lola Richie is a sweetheart. And so so knowledgable.

Growing up in a Lutheran Christian school meant an interesting relationship with her own sexuality and rebelling against the status quo. After dropping out in year 12 due to mental health challenges Lola embarked on a journey to find her true self.

After dabbling in personal training she began to meditate and unlocked some new views on the world. Through her meditation practice, she was introduced to yoni massaging which led to entrenching herself in learning about somatic sexology and becoming a highly skilled coach.

Now Lola runs a successful business www.fireof.life/ where she is a Somatic Sexologist + Holistic Sexuality Coach for some of the world's most visionary leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs + power couples.

She takes a tantric approach to deep sexual liberation + feminine leadership, playing with somatics, breathwork, shadowwork work and erotic embodiment.

A few key topics in this chat

  • Growing up and high school
  • Depression and antidepressants
  • Meditation
  • Getting into sexology
  • How to be a superior lover
  • Business and how to get involved

I loved this chat and so will you!

Lola's Links

INSTAGRAM - www.instagram.com/thelolarichie/

WEBSITE - www.fireof.life/

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