The Wars of the Roses: The Rise of the Beauforts

As part of our Wars of the Roses special month, there’s one family that demands more attention than they usually get: The Beauforts’.

The influence of the Beauforts’ in the Wars of the Roses can still be felt today, as Margaret Beaufort, the eventual heiress, gave birth to Henry VII, the first Tudor monarch. 

Though like most things in history, it’s not straightforward, and it doesn’t help that our guest and host today disagree on pretty much everything to do with the Wars of the Roses.

Narrating this dramatic story, Matt Lewis is joined by author, Nathen Amin. The two delve deeper into the intriguing story of the Beauforts and the years of war and turmoil that followed. From bastards to princes, the Beauforts family tree is packed with some incredible characters.

The Senior Producer on this episode was Elena Guthrie. The Producer was Rob Weinberg. It was edited and mixed by Thomas Ntinas.

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