Episode 29: Museum of Graffiti

While Miami has cemented itself as the new epicenter for pop art and commerce, the neighborhood of Wynwood within it, may then be the epicenter of street art and graffiti. Sadly "street art," as it were, which can at times be both terrible and awe inspiring, still owes its very existence to graffiti. With it now so dominant, commercial and otherwise, a few individuals dedicated to celebrating the roots of the artform have joined forces to launch the Museum of Graffiti. 

The brainchild of Alan Ket, Mare 139 (both veterans in the game and international ambassadors of the culture) and their partner, pro-graff attorney Allison Freidin. Dedicated to educating the public, bringing top tier talent and elevating the culture, their journey is still in its infancy. Even during the lockdown, they're working on virtual exhibits and nightly art talks. 

Give a listen to a pre-pandemic and decidedly more upbeat chat that Claudia recorded a week before lockdown on location in Miami about the museum and its assertions. 

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