Gold Minds

by Claudia Gold
Twice a month, join legendary graffiti artist, fashion designer, and entrepreneur Claudia Gold (Claw Money), on her exploration of different subcultures, and the people that helped create them on “Gold Minds”!Art, Music, Dance, and even Extreme Sports, have all had massive impacts on our society, both social, and economic. From creating new trends and entirely new markets, to influencing our very governments on a global level. There is no doubt that subcultures are powerful forces, that truly help shape who we are, and our perspectives of the world around us. Claw is interested in finding out, who the brilliant people that helped perpetuate them are, and the struggles they went through, just to keep their vision going.We are excited to hear what you think of the podcast! Please rate and leave us a comment! To find out more about Claudia you can check her out on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook: @ClawMoney or on her website

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