End-of-Year Special! 50 Health and Wellness Experts share their #1 tip

Well, we did it! We made it to the end of 2020 - one of the most tough, unsettling and disappointing years, going. But while we lavish due praise on our medics, carers, scientists and other key workers, we think it’s worth you taking some time to big yourself up, too. Going for Goal has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times in 2020. That’s hundreds of thousands of times that you – collectively - have taken around half-an-hour out of being a worker, a parent, a partner - a busy person – to focus on you. Now there are more than 50 episodes ready to tune into whenever and wherever you fancy. Enter our end-of-year gift to you: today’s bumper episode in which we’ve enlisted 50 of our favourite experts (many of whom you’ll recognise from this year’s episodes) to share a little nugget of health advice. The intention is not for these tips to be actioned all in one go (um, hello, December!) but to be planted in your mind, then digested slowly, before providing a little inspiration for the goals you decide to shoot for in 2021 and beyond.

A special thanks to our 50 guests (in order of appearance)...

Laura Tilt (@nutrility), Dr Megan Rossi (@theguthealthdoctor), Catherine Rabess (@caffdietitian), Rhiannon Lambert (@rhitritian), Dr Hazel Wallace (@thefoodmedic), Joe Wicks (@thebodycoach), Dr Emilia Thompson (@emiliathompsonphd), Renee McGregor (@r_mcgregor), Dr Rosemary Green, Dr Rupy Aujla (@doctors_kitchen), Dr Haya Al-Khatib (@sleepnutritionist ), Adrienne Herbert (@adrienne_ldn), Nesrine Dally (@nez__healthhub), Amy Lane (@wellness_ed), Alice Liveing (@aliceliveing), Laura Hoggins (@laurabiceps), Dr Rangan Chatterjee (@drchatterjee), Joslyn Thompson Rule (@joslynthompsonrule), Dr Josie Perry (

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