GWE — The Interviews: Ben Vaughn

God Ween Evan continues its periodic interview series, where someone in or around Ween and the Ween community chews the fat with the team. Next up is legendary musician and producer Ben Vaughn. Ben's musical bio is extraordinary. He has had a prolific solo career, provided scores for several films, has a prodigious list of album production credits to his name (Los Straitjackets, Arthur Alexander, Nancy Sinatra, the soundtrack CD of the film Swingers, to name a few), as well as many other notable projects. For the purpose of this podcast, Ben was the producer of Ween's 12 Golden Country Greats and Aaron Freeman's Marvelous Clouds. The focus of this episode lies wholly on Ween's famed Country album and this interview with Ben features an in-depth track-by-track, behind-the-scenes look at the birth of Ween's fifth studio album from the producer responsible for bringing it to life. Learn more about Ben Vaughn at:

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