You Good, Sis? Black Wellness: Pt 1 ft. Queen Afua

How are you?! No really, we think it’s time for a wellness check in. Being healthy is not easy and can be very confusing for Black women. The Unbothered crew kicks off a two-part wellness series, internal and external. We think it’s time to break down the industry, consider the ancient remedies, reevaluate our goals and share some unpopular opinions on health. We’ll dive into the tension between the two sides of wellness: Team Green Juice Detox Meditation vs. Team YOLO.

We'll then woosah our way into the most tranquil and third eye opening conversation with the iconic holistic health expert, wellness coach and best selling author, Queen Afua. She'll share her insight in detox, breaking traumas, nutrition and healing. Grab some herbal tea and tune in!

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