To Baby Hair or Not To Baby Hair, That is the Question ft. Shelby Swain

As we roll into the summer, we have a real question....What are we going to do with our hair?!? From afros, knotless braids, wigs, butterfly locs, 36" bundles scrubbing the ground, we have some options. However, Black women have had an interesting relationship with our hair. Today we are going to talk about everything from our personal relationship with hair, a pandemic length check, to the red flags when booking a stylist and more! Our special guest to pull up to this discussion is the one and only Shelby Swain, who is synonymous with art and hair couture. As a celebrity hairstylist, performing artist and the “Beyonce’' of Baby Hair, Shelby shares her own personal hair history, career and how “talking to your hair” just might give it some crop! 

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