Rachael Finch | Founder of Kissed Earth

In episode eighty eight of the Glow Journal podcast, host Gemma Watts talks to the founder of Kissed Earth, Rachael Finch.

Rachael Finch grew up in Townsville as an athlete, with little to no interest in beauty until she was about 15. It was at this age that she was encouraged to enter a modelling competition, which she won, and subsequently spent the next four years travelling for her new career- first to Brisbane, and then internationally, an experience she describes as changing her perception of the world.

Modelling, she tells me, changed her relationship with her body and what she was putting in it, a relationship she has spent the ensuing years working on. Rachael won Miss Universe Australia in 2009, aged 20, at a time she tells me she was still just going with the flow with very little idea of where her new found profile might take her- nor who it would introduce her to. It was in the following year that she competed on Dancing With The Stars and met her now-husband and business partner. The pair eventually ran a dance studio together and learnt the importance of playing every role within a business, including that of cleaner, during a time Rachael tells me they were struggling to make ends meet. 

By around 2017, with Rachael having found a love for dance and harnessing her longstanding love of movement and her evolving understanding of wellness, she and her husband launched two businesses- Body by Finch and B.O.D. by Finch, a digital wellness platform and activewear brand respectively. It was from here that the groundwork for Kissed Earth was laid. 

Prompted by feedback from the Body by Finch community, Kissed Earth was launched in 2019 following two years of fully self-funded product development. What began as a tight edit of health supplements has since grown into a brand encompassing products for both inner and outer beauty. 

In this conversation, Rachael shares her advice on turning personal partnerships into successful professional ones, what collagen can realistically do for the skin, and the realities of product development timelines and why it’s worth waiting to get things right. 

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