Lisa and Lauren Goldfaden | Co-Founders of Goldfaden MD

In episode seventy six of the Glow Journal podcast, host Gemma Watts talks to the co-founders of Goldfaden MD, Lisa Goldfaden and Lauren Wolk-Goldfaden. 

Despite officially launching in 2013, Goldfaden MD technically begun in Dr Gary Goldfaden’s dermatology practice about 40 years ago. 

Lisa, his daughter, spent the early part of her working life in arts and education, while Lauren, his daughter-in-law, spent hers working on ad campaigns for the likes of Coca Cola, Voltswagen and Burger King. While both had an interest in beauty and understanding of the “clean” movement that was beginning to build momentum, it wasn’t until friends of the family started asking for access to Dr Goldfaden’s clinical formulas that Lisa and Lauren realised they had family ties to a brand worth developing. 

Goldfaden MD was the very first brand to bridge the gap between “doctor brands” and “clean beauty”. The formulas spoke for themselves, however having been told by multiple parties “I don’t believe in this concept,” the real challenge for Lisa and Lauren was convincing retailers that Goldfaden MD was worthy of shelf space. 

Worthy it proved to be, and what began as one hero product was swiftly built out into an entire portfolio, with every single product designed to address the most common skin concerns that Dr Goldfaden was finding himself presented with in-clinic. 

In this conversation, Lisa and Lauren share how a former fraternity brother is largely to thank for Goldfaden MD’s inception, the lessons from their respective careers in education and advertising that have helped them build a successful business, and the importance of finding designers, copywriters and vendors who understand and align with your brand. 


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