Larry King | Founder of Larry King Haircare

In episode eighty six of the Glow Journal podcast, host Gemma Watts talks to the founder of Larry King Haircare, Larry King. 

Larry King’s earliest ambition was to work in the film industry, a dream that saw him spend much of his early life watching many, many movies.

It’s a task he encourages his staff to partake in today, often setting them projects so they can understand the references to films and movie stars of eras passed that he weaves into his hairstyling work across runways, red carpets and editorials. 

Larry’s first job was at Toni & Guy’s Cambridge salon as a 17 year old, although it wasn’t until he was in his 30s and had built up both his reputation and his celebrity clientele (a list that includes Jared Leto, Gigi Hadid, Tom Holland and Chris Hemsworth) that he began to think about opening his own space. 

The Larry King flagship salon was opened in South Kensington in 2017 and had received countless accolades within mere months of that opening, with Larry explaining that friendship and an ethos based upon treating all clients with an equal amount of respect are the qualities that set the salon apart. 

In 2018, Larry and his wife Laura debuted Larry King Haircare, a sustainable haircare line developed to help consumers create their dream hair, and from April 14, Larry King Haircare will be available in Australia via Adore Beauty. 

In this conversation, Larry shares how he taps into emerging hair trends, the difference between runway and red carpet hair styling, and the advice and assignments he gives to his assistants and to anyone wanting to succeed in the hair industry. 


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