Keira Rumble | Founder of Habitual Beauty

In episode eighty four of the Glow Journal podcast, host Gemma Watts talks to the founder of Habitual Beauty and Krumbled Foods, Keira Rumble. 

Trigger Warning: Pregnancy loss.

Keira Rumble is as resilient as it gets. At age 20, at roughly the same time she realised she had very little interest in her job, she was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Out of necessity she began making changes to her diet and lifestyle, but wasn’t seeing nor feeling a marked change to her health. Upon discovering that the supposedly healthy protein balls she’d been snacking on boasted the sugar equivalent of a donut, she tried her hand at making her own. 

It turns out she had a knack for it. Keira started posting her recipes online, and when she realised her blog following had expanded well into the overseas market, she turned those recipes into a protein ball business- a business she very openly deems a failure. 

Failure aside, Keira had already started conceptualising not one, but two new businesses- a skincare brand and a range of collagen-rich snacks. She pitched the former to Sephora, a few minutes after receiving a phone call from her doctor to inform her that she was, at that very moment, suffering from a miscarriage. The pitch, understandably, didn’t go according to plan, with Sephora suggesting Keira revisit her skincare idea after launching the collagen snacks.

So that’s exactly what she did.

With no physical product or prototype, Keira cold-pitched Krumbled Foods’ first product, Beauty Bites, to Priceline. Within 8 months of launching, Beauty Bites were stocked in Priceline, Coles and Urban Outfitters, she was about to complete the Sephora Accelerate Program, and she was preparing to launch Habitual Beauty with nine SKUs across two categories- all while dealing with multiple pregnancy losses. 

Keira launched Habitual Beauty about a day before New South Wales and Victoria went back into covid lockdown, and a week after giving birth to her son, Hunter. Today, Habitual Beauty is available in store and online at Sephora, and is about to launch into the UK.

In this conversation, Keira shares why she is currently reviewing her company’s employment contracts to make the workplace better for all women, her take on competition, and why she feels launching a brand across multiple categories at once is an asset, not a hindrance. 


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