BONUS | What Exactly Does Vitamin B5 Do for the Skin?

Do all skin types need the same sun protection? How often should we actually be getting a skin check? Do we really all need sun protection in winter?

In this bonus episode of the Glow Journal podcast, host Gemma Watts is joined by by pharmacist and Medical Communications Manager at L’Oreal Australia, Rachel McAdam. Rachel’s role sees her provide L’Oreal brands with insight into consumer skin health needs from a formulations perspective, so I thought she would be the perfect person to answer the questions YOU submitted on all things Vitamin B5.

I’m so often asked really specific questions about the skin (and, in this case, about very specific ingredients and what they can and cannot do for the skin), but given that I’m an educated consumer and not an expert, I insist on taking those questions to those who can correctly and ethically answer them for you. 

For complete transparency from the outset, this episode is sponsored by La Roche-Posay Australia, however all of Rachel’s views are her own and, as per all of our Ask An Expert interviews you will hear absolutely no specific product recommendations throughout this interview.

In this conversation, Rachel answers your questions on Vitamin B5- from what it is and what it can actually do for the skin, through to the ideal percentage you should be looking for in your skincare, why we’re hearing so much about it in the leadup to winter, and exactly how and where you can work it into your skincare routine.

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