BONUS | Pregnancy Skincare with Dr Alice Rudd

In this special bonus Ask An Expert episode I’m joined by Dr Alice Rudd. A General and Cosmetic Dermatologist affiliated with The Alfred Hospital and The Skin Health Institute, Dr Rudd completed her Medical Degree at Monash University and completed her postgraduate dermatology studies through the Australasian College of Dermatologists. Having founded Skindepth Dermatology six years ago, Dr Rudd was our first port of call when it came to answering YOUR questions on skincare during and after pregnancy. 

Away from our regular brand founder conversations, I am asked so many highly specific questions about the skin. Given that I am an educated consumer and by no means an expert, it would be extremely unethical for me to even attempt to address your skin concerns which is why I insist on taking those questions to a medical doctor. This Ask An Expert series is giving you, the Glow Journal audience, unprecedented access to medical doctors, professors and dermatologists and, while the series is sponsored by Candela Medical, doctors legally and ethically have to remain completely objective in interviews like this. For this reason, this series is giving you, the listeners, completely unbiased expert answers to your most specific skin questions- questions that I cannot answer myself. 

In this episode, we’ve taken the questions YOU submitted on pregnancy skincare to Dr Rudd - from why so many women experience melasma or “pregnancy mask” during pregnancy and the link between pregnancy and hormonal acne, through to which ingredients and treatments are best avoided during pregnancy and whether or not there’s a legitimate way to fade stretch marks. 

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