BONUS | Clean Start with Grown Alchemist's Jeremy Muijs

In this week’s bonus episode of the Glow Journal podcast, we welcome back Grown Alchemist co-founder and CEO, Jeremy Muijs. 

This episode, sponsored by Grown Alchemist, sees us celebrate the Clean Start Program- a program designed to help consumers refresh and reset their skin. Committed to helping you on your journey to truly healthy skin, Grown Alchemist want to support your Clean Start. For a limited time, select any Grown Alchemist to give your skin its Clean Start- you’ll receive 10% off 1 product, 20% off if you purchase 2 products, 30% off 3 products and 40% off 4 products. The more products you purchase, the more Grown Alchemist will be able to support your skin and wellbeing journey. 

To herald the launch of the Clean Start Program, I spoke to Jeremy about all things clean beauty and sustainability. To learn more about the Grown Alchemist story and the business side of beauty, you can hear more from Jeremy on Episode 35 of this podcast. 

In this conversation, Jeremy shares what clean and biocompatible beauty really mean to Grown Alchemist, more on the body’s natural ability to heal itself and what we can do to ensure its able to function at its best, and what the future of sustainability looks like for the brand. 


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