Why Can't TikTok Properly Attribute Decades-Old Makeup Techniques?

Big news, Glams! Sara had her baby boy this week! Congratulations to Mom, Dad, Zoe and Ollie! That means Kirbie is solo for a news breakdown. First, she shares why she was on the beautiful island of Mauritius with Fresh Beauty and then dives into her WOYF for the week: an excellent sunscreen that she picked up from the Dubai airport and has both UVA and UVB protection. On the news front, we're curious to hear your thoughts about Glossier as the brand officially enters 600 Sephora stores in the US and Canada this week. Call the hotline and share your hot takes and passionate odes to the brand. And finally, we need to talk about ownership of trends. Sometimes it's warranted — like the dark lip liner trend, for instane. But many creators on TikTok like to take credit for decades-old beauty techniques that they did not create. This time it's draping, a blush application technique that essentially contours the face, sculpting the cheeks upwards and dousing the eyelid in the process. This look was created by makeup icon Way Bandy in the '70s... long before anyone started creating videos about it on social media. Enjoy a mini history lesson on the subject.

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