The Elusive Barbara Sturm with Writer Brennan Kilbane (Plus More Headlines)

Today we have a jam-packed news episode. Writer Brennan Kilbane joins Kirbie to discuss his recent story for Air Mail Look, Linda Wells's new publication, about the Barbara Sturm and what makes her so mysterious (and fascinating). He also shares what happens behind-the-scenes as a writer who regulary does celebrity features. Then we're diving into why people can't stop talking about the "Bold Glamour" filter. Why does it look so real? And how is this being used in film and television? Lastly, we're getting into media literacy by explaining how and why certain celebrities are always being written about (and also what people on Tiktok in particular are getting very wrong about this), as well as why Lady Gaga's makeup remover story was the smartest story to come from Oscars coverage. Kirbie also touches on two products that are currently on her face.

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