Telling a Story Through Fragrance with Chriselle Lim, Founder of Phlur

Chriselle Lim has been a force in the fashion world 15 years. It's not surprise that she took the beauty industry by storm with her brand Phlur, which launched the fan-favorite Missing Person in 2022. Missing Person was able to capture the attention of Tiktok, where people shared how the fragrance brought them nostalgic memories of loved ones. Fragrance is notoriously difficult to market as smelling it is a big part of securing a purchase, but solely through word of mouth on social media, you couldn't find Missing Person anywhere. Chriselle share's with us her entire makeup and treatment routine, why "skin musk" will be the top fragrance trend of 2023, how to find our signature fragrance, her thoughts on the current state of influencer culture, and a lot more.

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