Tarte's Dubai Trip Broke the Internet, Why You May Need Gloves For the Nail Salon and More News

Chances are, you couldn't escape Tarte's insane influencer trip (even if you tried) last week. They swept away 50 content creators and their plus ones to experience a beauty trip like no other. But it had people questioning where they got all the funds to pull this off. And was Beyoncé involved? Kirbie and Sara clear up a lot of misinformation being spread — fact is, these trips aren't new and the beauty industry has a lot of money to throw around.

It's a double WOYF week after a short hiatus and this one is a must-try: Makeup by Mario's SurrealSkin Foundation is easily our new favorite foundation launch of the last several years. Tune in to why it's so special and to her about the incredible dinner we were invited to for the launch.

Lastly, there's been news that gel lamps can contribute to cell death and cancer. We're sharing our thoughts, what we know and some recs for UV shielding gloves to pick up in the meantime.

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