Sofie Pavitt Dishes on a Few Unsuspecting Reasons You're Breaking Out (And How to Help)

There’s a reason celebrities and New York’s “It” girls flock to Sofie Pavitt’s Chinatown studio for her famous facials. It isn’t because they’re looking forward to a luxurious, relaxing treatment. You won’t get that from Sofie. It’s because the South Wales-born esthetician is going to transform their skin. Sofie Pavitt’s before and afters have proven that a simple routine, consistency, and gentle, but efficacious ingredients can get you your dream skin, especially if you’re dealing with acne. She recently launched her own line of products including a Mandelic Acid serum that both Kirbie and Sara swear by. On the pod, Sofie shared why she made the pivot from fashion to facials (she worked at Abercrombie & Fitch during its heyday), the differences between British and American beauty ideals, and the most common culprits for pesky pimples, but more importantly, how to get rid of them.

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