Michael CeraVe, Brands at the Super Bowl, and Could Lauren Sanchez Save Chemical Sunscreen?

It's been a minute, but we have four great products we've been loving for WOYF! A lip treatment that will fix the driest of pouts, a matte lip plumper, a bar soap that will whisk you away to Montana, plus a hair styler that will give you roots that touch the sky, there's something for everyone. Then, in news: chemical sunscreen may have a big problem come February 15th, and will potentially need an over $200M bailout. Paging Lauren Sanchez! We tackle all the beauty brands headed to the Super Bowl this year, and of couse discuss what in the world is going on with Michael Cera and CeraVe. Lastly, we get into the self-tanning drama that took over TikTok this month.

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