Mara Roszak Takes Us Behind-the-Scenes of Styling Hair For Oscar Winners

She grew up next to Joni Mitchell, kicked off her styling career traveling the world with Sarah Michelle Gellar, and has styled the hair of now three Best Actress winners at the Oscars. (Including THE Michelle Yeoh.) Needless to say, Mara Roszak has had somewhat of a charmed existence and, at the same time, seems to be a good luck charm herself. The celebrity hairdesser started working with Emma Stone when she was 17 and is known for her effortless, Laurel Canyon-esque style. She's on the show today to pull back the curtain on how the day of the Oscars goes for a stylist of her calibur, working on several clients — including a Best Actress nominee (and eventual winner) — plus shares details on her new haircare brand Roz.

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