Isamaya Beauty's LIPS Launch Epitomizes the Sexualization of Makeup, So Why Does it Feel less Crude?

WARNING: Content revolving around sex and genitalia take place in this today's episode, so keep that in mind if listening around children, at work or in a public space.

Another week, another controversial beauty launch. This time, it’s Isamaya Ffrench’s phallic lipstick cases. Is it art or is it a little too…balls to the wall? *wink wink* We’re also discussing why Nikita Dragun’s beauty line is on a break and giving an update on the Clean at Sephora lawsuit. Speaking of controversy, we go over NY Mag’s rules of etiquette and share our own. Plus, Sara talks about her current WOYF — a hydrating concealer that diminishes redness while delivering dewy coverage.

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