From Developing the Naked Palette to Shutting Down a Brand: Highs and Lows from Developer and Founder Amy Zunzunegui

Starting a beauty brand might seem glamorous — especially according to social media — but the hard reality is that being a founder and navigating the insanely crowded and complicated beauty space can be disheartening and even impossible. On today’s episode, we have beauty veteran Amy Zunzunegui, founder of recently-shuttered WLDKAT skincare, to give us the honest truth about what it’s like to start and shut down a beauty brand. Tune in to hear what Zunzunegui learned from her days at Urban Decay (developing iconic products like the NAKED Palette and Moondust eyeshadows), what the highs and lows of launching her own brand were, what she was up against when creating CBD beauty products, and what she wants up-and-coming founders to know when starting their own brands.

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