Emijay's Julianne Goldmark on Starting a Brand at 14, The Cutest Claw Clips Ever, and Launching a New Category

If you can believe it, Julianne Goldmark started Emijay when she was just 14, using underwear elastics to create snag-free hair ties. After Chris McMillan used an Emijay product and the brand was featured in Oprah's Favorite Things, the brand took off. Now at 28, Julianne has debuted Emijay 2.0, where she's introducing the brand's first styling product: Angelstick, a product used to smooth flyaways for your sleekest style ever. Julianne shares which influencer is truly the most powerful when it comes to hair, why (and how) Emijay was able to file copyrights on certain designs, then the trio waxes poetic about what products they're obsessed with and what they want to see next.

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